Book Influencer Notion Template Bundle

Kristin Falzon
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The Ultimate Notion Dashboard For Book Influencers and Avid Readers!


A reading journal and content planner in one provides everything a Bookstagram / Booktok / BookTube Content Creator needs to organize their bookish life all in one aesthetic place.

Who is this for?

  • I want a place to keep track of my reading journey and library.
  • I want to filter my reads by genre, trope, author, star rating, steam rating, etc. to help build social content.
  • I want a FREE place to keep all of my post images, links to posts, and reviews.
  • I want a FREE place to house all my bookish content planning.
  • I want something easy-to-use and customizable.


Pre-built Home Dashboard that houses your:

  • Current Reads Tracker: Track your current reads in a gallery on your dashboard; progress bar included.
  • Weekly Agenda for your daily to-do lists
  • Upcoming Book Releases calendar to keep track of all of your ARCs
  • Widgets and links to customize your own (clock, books read counter, weather, podcasts, and Pomodoro timer)

Also included in template pages off of the dashboard:

  • Content Planner (includes posts, videos, and collabs databases)
  • Reading Trackers: daily read log (includes daily page counts; monthly pages read totals; book totals), series trackers, subscriptions trackers, challenges and goals databases
  • Monthly reading recap journal prompts
  • Book Club databases in calendar and table views: add your book clubs, attendees, and photos
  • Books Read database (with pre-populated romance tropes and genres)
  • Physical Library database (with pre-populated genres)
  • Rankings lists (rank author's books, series books, top reads by year, top reads or all-time and by genres) Newly added
  • Reviews to Write checklist
  • Graphics library (house all of your social graphics—less than 5MB each—here for FREE)
  • Publisher Contacts database
  • Collaborations/clients database (keep track of your clients, deliverables, and payments by platform)
  • Banned Books databases for 100 Most Banned/Challenged Books 2010-2019, Top 10 Most Challenged Books 2021, and Top 10 Most Challenged Books 2020 and includes preloaded book images, year published, reasons for bans, link to Goodreads and infographics
  • Blank Content Planner for anyone who wants to create a new one monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

My favorite features of this template:

  • Includes table of contents (in navigation toggle) at the top of the main dashboard for quick navigation on mobile.
  • Books Read and Physical Library databases come with a relation column so you can link your books between the two databases.
  • Quick Links on pages for easy navigation
  • One-click pre-made templates for monthly trackers, recaps, TBR lists and book club databases.
  • Archive folders to hold your completed monthly lists, weekly agendas, reading tracker, and content planner templates
  • Tips added at the bottom of page templates to help you build and customize your workspace


Notion is an app that is FREE for a personal plan and is accessible and syncs through any device connected to the Internet—be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. It is a single space where you can think, write, and plan — and is customizable. More:


  • A device to access Notion (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • A Notion account (It’s free to sign up for a personal plan!)
  • Basic understanding of how Notion works

Terms and Conditions:

This is an individual license only. Sharing, reselling, or using parts of this template as content is not allowed.


Does this work with a free Notion account? Yes! Once downloaded, hit duplicate at the top right section of the template and it will be added to your personal notion account.

If I like certain sections, can I duplicate them in my personal workspace? Yes. You can use whatever parts for personal use only.

What is your refund policy? Unfortunately, I don't offer refunds on this template since once you receive the link, you will always have access.

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Book Influencer Notion Template Bundle

3 ratings
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